Communicator provides a bi-directional extension to the console facilities for the other EOM modules

It supports email and SMS and allows an operator to remotely submit standard OS/400 commands. It includes a staff roster so error messages can be sent to operations staff on duty.

EOM Communicator Service

Delivering business critical information and system alerts

EOM Communicator delivers business critical information and system alerts in a timely and accurate manner. The service provides a two-way extension to the EOM Console by sending an SMS or email message from any iSeries – quickly and easily.

The service is secure and practical, and eliminates the need for constant phone calls backward and forward between office and staff. Ultimately, it can replace an overnight operator – staff on a predefined roster can control the system from their mobile and receive confirmation of their actions back to their device.

Practical applications include:

The batch transmission facility can also be used to notify company personnel or external communities of critical events, changes or report results (and PDF/CSV files).

Operational system messages

  • Back-ups
  • Schedule information
  • Performance issues
  • Storage thresholds
  • Network events

Field Service

  • Delivery confirmation
  • Notify engineer of next call
  • Part availability & prices
  • Stock reordering
  • Credit control data
  • Account balances

Business Related

  • Report distribution
  • Insurance renewal reminder
  • Car ready for collection
  • Daily figure alert


Do your decision makers receive important business information on time? Are there constant calls between your office and field based staff?