Ensuring staffs are always aware of issues or problems which occurs on their iSeries – without delay

The challenge

Established in 1950, Bernard Matthews is a global company with an annual turnover of around £400 and employing more than 7,000 people. In the UK, Bernard Matthews Foods Limited produce 8 million turkeys every year, reared on farms throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire.

The company prides itself on creating healthy, high quality food, maintaining the highest standards of agriculture and stock welfare and meeting all regulations and standards from official bodies.

Bernard Matthews needed to ensure that their staff were always aware of issues or problems which occurred on their iSeries – without delay. This was especially important for critical jobs and blocked queues. They also needed a comprehensive scheduling tool which had the flexibility to cope with a range of timing options – from a few minutes through to hourly, weekly and monthly. They also needed a facility which could cope with absolute set times and time ranges – all variable for each day of the week.

Overall, Bernard Matthews were keen to save money by rationalising some of their existing functional programmes with one solution.

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The Solution

Bernard Matthews selected Novagem’s Enhanced Operations Manager (EOM) to provide a universal communication and scheduling tool. Bernard Matthews Foods use Novagem’s EOM Communicator to keep staff informed of system issues, 24/7.

During office hours, the system has been set up to email staff with full details of any problem or issue which may arise. Out of office hours, the system automatically sends a SMS text message to support staff according to their rota, allowing them to fix the problem remotely.

Following a full evaluation of Novagem’s EOM Scheduler, Bernard Matthews opted to replace their
existing scheduling software with Novagem, saving them a duplicate license fee. They chose EOM Scheduler because of it’s flexible timetable options and it’s ease of use.

“We love the peace of mind that Novagem brings – it is an excellent way to communicate problems and issues to the right staff very quickly. We also find that Novagem’s EOM Scheduler delivers everything we need for planning our jobs – including a comprehensive range of timing options. We are already planning to expand our use of the Novagem EOM suite to enable us to email selected spool files as well.”



Make complex scheduling patterns easy to setup and manage.