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Novagem serves a wide range of customers across many market sectors including IT, Logistics, Human Resources, Stock Control and Finance.

Our customers range in size from SME to multinationals such as Diageo, Electrolux, Specialist Computer Centres and McDonalds Restaurants.

We always welcome feedback and we are delighted to be able to publish just some of the glowing comments we have received :

The Stannah Group "Novagem’s EOM means that we can clear blocked queues straight away using SMS - so when we come into the office the following morning we don’t find stopped jobs and missing reports. This frees up valuable daytime hours to do the rest of our work.”
The Cheese Company
"My support staff were off-site when a serious problem occurred. EOM texted them and we were able to resolve the issue there and then." Phil Barker, IT Manager.
Unique Pub Company

"The product is finding great favour with senior company assistants (e.g. MD's secretary), for getting hold of key on-the-road staff. A PC-front end application has been integrated into the company intranet site which allows such staff to contact the over 100 people who operate mainly out of the office. We also have an AS400 application allowing remote business managers to access key information about our leased properties using simple inbound SMS text messages. Centrally, we are using EOM to manage system operator messages to reduce and eliminate the need for operator intervention." Steve Welch, Project Manager.

Glanbia Food Service
"It is critical that booking exceptions are handled straight away. EOM keeps an eye on our reports and e-mails the buyers with the error immediately one occurs. Our suppliers have a better idea of our demands, and therefore help us to improve our service levels, because EOM automatically e-mails them with pro-forma purchase orders through out the day." Alex Raymond Application, Project Manager.
Wick Hill
"SMS telephony is the domain of Novagem.” Ian Kilpatric, Managing Director.
Computer Weekly
"So who is there? Well, Attachmate, Esker, Novagem and Unicomp spring to mind." Frank Booty.
Barrett Steel
“We are impressed by the breadth of facilities available within EOM.” Chris Stocks, IT Director.
"Quickest IT project we have ever implemented. Great product ! " Rick Barnes, IT Manager.
“Having upgraded to the Novagem Job Scheduler and replaced our bespoke messaging system with EOM we are looking to capitalise on the products functionality to further improve our operation and enhance Customer Service.” Bill Scott, EDI Projects Manager.
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